Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My First Music Post

This is my first real post on my new blog, i'm mainly using this as a guinea pig post learning how to embed mp3's, with the option to download the song as a taster of the album, with links to download. I'll be linking people to fairsharemusic which is a fairly new website with similar pricing to Amazon music Uk, cheaper than iTunes, and the best of all that with each download proceeds are donated to charity.

The first song I'm hosting is Zebra by Beach House, this American dream-pop duo have supplied the music of my 2010 summer, with songs off their great third album Teen Dream; their first album released on the Sub-Pop label, which was released back in January of this year. I picked the up on the album quite late after all the hype; but having listened to their previous album Devotion and not entirely got into their sound, i've finally understood what i've been missing. Zebra was the second single to be released from Teen Dream and was released in the UK as the Zebra - EP, containing an alternative radio edit. If you haven't already check out their previous releases.

    The second track is by The Coral; an extremely underated band, one of the best bands to grace the UK in the past 10 years in my opinion. The Coral are a 5-piece Merseyside psychedelic folk pop band from Hoylake, Wirral. With the band drawing influences from The La's, their lastest offering is Butterfly House; their 5th major studio album which was released in July of this year. With John Leckie at the helm, you can hear his production through the album with it sounding more polished and mature compared to their previous albums. Heaped with praise from  The Stone Roses legend Mani; "The Coral's new album is an absolute masterpiece". One of my personal favourites and a great summary of the album is 'Walking in the Winter', steady bass and drums peppered with folksy guitar leading into an uplifting and intoxicating chorus, provided by James Skellys' vocals, then dropping off to male harmonies. Another great song typical of The Coral of another well rounded album. Just listen to Mani.


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